The newspaper “de Zakengids” 10Th of februari

On February 10 an interview with Nanette and her mother Hester appeared in this newspaper.


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Vereeuwigd (Immortelized)

Nanette has contributed to the “Vereeuwigd website, an initiative of the LEVENXL foundation. They want to make people aware of the vulnerability and beauty of life in the hope that people will be inspired to live their own lives with even more attention and love. “vereeuwigd”(immortelized) is an ode to the resilience and courage of sick people. The website is now Digital Heritage, the content is archived by the Royal Dutch library for later generations.


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Photo: Jonathan Lai

Photo: Marinka Grondel.

Exposition through the Netherlands and Belgium

Vereeuwigd also had an exhibition that travelled through the Netherlands and Belgium in 2019. Nanette has been asked for this exhibition by photographer Marinka Grondel. This photo can also be found in the beautiful book of Vereeuwigd Kracht