What kind of treatment

Nanette has Craniocervical Instability, abbreviated CCI and Atlanto-axial instability, abbreviated AAI, vertebra C3,4 and 5 are unstable, the intervertebral C6 and C7 has a protusion and there is probably a Tethered cord (the spinal cord is attached to the bottom of the vertebrae). the structures). There is also scoliosis and mastocytosis, abbreviated MCas, but also abnormal blood vessels and nerves in her head.

After wearing a HALO during a test period, Nanette will undergo a full neck fusion, unfortunately both at the back and at the front because of the scoliosis. The tethered cord must be found and surgically released. All in all, a long, heavy and very disabling operation. Nanette will lose any movement of her neck, but it will keep her situation from getting worse. The operation will even ensure that her situation will improve: she will be less tired, will be able to leave the house, will be able to tolerate light better and even be able to walk again!

In addition to the costs for the operation, there are also costs such as travel and accommodation, preliminary examinations and follow-up, medication and adjustments to the her house.