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#19 Big news!

Whoohoo we did it! We have been granted a lottery license and you can now buy tickets! Tickets cost € 5 each and we have 850 pcs. so be quick if you want to purchase a ticket.! The draw will take place on September 1st and an accountant will be present to check that everything […]

#18 just an update

Time for an update again. Last weekend was the walking/cycling tour, organized by Karla and Esmeralda. It was a great success and on Tuesday I received a nice check! No less than €1100 has been raised. There is also a beautiful billboard in my front yard thanks to the men from  Proom, customized promotion, That […]

#17 Ehlers Danloss awareness month

May is EDS awareness month Yesterday two journalists came by. One for an article for a local newspaper, “de zakengids”,about the sponsor run and one for “de Tielenaar”.a online news site Initiators of the run, Karla and Esmaralda, also came by to tell their story. It’s special, so many people together, all to help me.  […]

#15 What a weekend

Last Saturday there was an article about me in the Gelderlander, a Dutch newspaper and on Sunday it was shared on the Facebook and Instagram of several newspapers. This has resulted in a raft of donations. Really great! My sister-in-law also received a message from soccer player Gregory van der Wiel to whom she had […]

#12 A great start


We’re getting off to a great start this month! We have reached the € 10,000 milestone! Another 14x this amount and then my life can be saved. I am so grateful to everyone. People share, donate, spread flyers, come up with all kinds of ways to help … Faith in humanity restored!   Thank you.

#11 Very Special!

Surprise! Yesterday was such an awesome day. The doorbell rang and there were 2 famous persons standing in front of me. A singer named Wesley Klein and our local superhero Garip from the Applestore Macdemolition. They donated a big amount of money and they made a video for all their fans, asking them to donate […]

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