#19 Big news!

Whoohoo we did it! We have been granted a lottery license and you can now buy tickets! Tickets cost € 5 each and we have 850 pcs. so be quick if you want to purchase a ticket.! The draw will take place on September 1st and an accountant will be present to check that everything is fair. Now of course you want to know what you can win? Well, we won’t tell you everything yet! We have a luxury fan, gift vouchers from many shops and much more! From time to time some prizes will be announced on our Facebook. This is how we keep it exciting! So follow us there quickly! Also on the promotion page are the terms and conditions of the lottery and a list of our amazing generous sponsors!

Then a short medical update.

I woke up very badly a few times, with my neck in a bended and strange way. I woke up with my left side was paralyzed! This is my “good” side.

Huge panic of course because my right side only works halfway so I couldn’t get up, call no one. I lay with my face down into a pillow.  I thought this was it, that I would choke on my pillow and Mom would find me. Luckily for me it was already 8am, so Mom came in and was able to help me right away. But oh, what a scary moments!

Fortunately, with traction on my neck, the function of my left side has returned. But brrr, what a horror to wake up like this.

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