#18 just an update

Time for an update again.

Last weekend was the walking/cycling tour, organized by Karla and Esmeralda.

It was a great success and on Tuesday I received a nice check! No less than €1100 has been raised.

There is also a beautiful billboard in my front yard thanks to the men from  Proom, customized promotion,

That gives a positive boost to keep fighting and I honestly needed that. 

Last week it seemed to go all wrong. I didn’t really wake up, a lot of brainfog and I no longer had any bladder function. That was really scary. But luckily the physio was able to put some things right in my neck by massaging. The muscles on the left were like steel cables, pulling vertebrae out of alignment. Fortunately, after the treatment it went a lot better! This gave me a glimpse into the future, what my life will look like if I don’t have the surgery. And frankly, that’s not life. So we persevere, we keep fighting and we hope we can get the money together.

We are really well on our way!

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