#3 Nice to go back home

The day we could go home again.

Hotel Silken was kind enough to let us stay in the room for 2 more hours, so we wouldn’t have to roam the streets until it was time to go to the airport. Once at the airport we were neatly helped with my wheelchair. Via priority check-in, a separate entrance at customs and superfluous escorts. We were also met at the gate and helped on board. This is a bit strange, because you will be put in a very narrow wheelchair that fits through the aisle. But my butt was wider than the aisle! Haha. Once arrived at my seat, two super sweet flight attendants came to chat with me. They were very interested in me and in the surgery that awaits me. They quickly arranged for some places to be changed so that no one would be next to my dystrophy arm.

Shoutout to these KLM heroes!