#1 Medical researches in Barcelona

Quirado instituut

The tension rises.

After all, I have been hearing for over a year that my complaints are not coming from my neck, that it is psychological in fact that I am just crazy. What if they say that here too, what am I supposed to do? In any case, we’ll get clarity. That’s why we’re doing this. Keep your head up and let’s rock ‘n’ roll!

Petra, Dr. Gilete’s assistant waited for us at the Quirado clinic. She was really sweet and explained everything about the scans multiple times. She kept saying I was doing so well. During the scans she kept walking up to Mom to say how extremely flexible I was, that she thought it was just scary looking. She very regularly guides people with EDS and neck problems. So for us, it was at least the confirmation that I was not completely normal, but at least I’m not crazy!